Personal Development coach and speaker, Alison Robertson, comes by the studio to remind us that we are enough. Her new book “Enoughness” creates a simple yet powerful narrative about moving forward and navigating seamlessly through life. If you are big on personal development or just looking for some amazing perspective…this is the podcast to hear!

Hosts Casey Gayle and Tina Lorraine talk with Alison Robertson about what it means to go after what you want and how speaking your dream out loud is the first step to making it all happen.

Do you ever struggle with feeling not good enough?


Today we have author and coach Alison Robertson on the show today.  Alison shares with us her journey of being an actress in L.A. to becoming a speaker, coach and now author.  We talk about the challenges that moms have when trying to figure out how to design the life they really want. We talk about how easy it is for moms to not feel like they are enough and they can be so hard on themselves.  I ask her about what does she recommend for those of us that feel paralyzed by fear and how to really go after what we really want.  One topic that really stood out to me is when Alison shared her thoughts on gifts vs. passions. Hear what she says about this topic and more on the podcast.

In this episode we have the privilege to talk with author, actor, mother and life coach Alison Robertson. We had such a blast making this episode, so we know you will have a blast listening to it!



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Cherry Boom Boom Opening

Alison Robertson, creator Lindsley Allen and Cast at the Cherry Boom Boom Opening in Las Vegas.