Based in Los Angeles, Alison works with clients wherever they are located.  We can set up in person, Skype or Zoom sessions based on the needs of the client.  Single sessions available with 4~6~8 session package deals for those who'd like to book more than one session at a time.

Book a session NOW or call Melissa and create a plan that's right for you.  (424)279-8678

You can also book time with me on Noomii

What you get when you work with Alison~

  • way to find your purpose

  • An accountability partner who will help you take that next step

  • Learn the difference between your gift & passion and how to make them work together to create your ideal life 

  • How to find harmony, not balance, in your life

  • A 30/60/90 day plan to help you achieve your goals

If this is the way you like to work, booking time with Alison will have a profound impact on your life and what comes next.

Take the leap and get ready for everything that comes in when you embrace your ENOUGHNESS.


Emily-Austin, TX
Toronto, Canada
Los Angeles, CA
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