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You have a high level of self-confidence

You checked mostly the first option:

Your self-confidence is high! You are not afraid to make decisions and trust your own judgment. 

Meeting new friends, speaking in public, and expressing your opinion is not an issue for you.

You are not afraid to make mistakes and understand they are part of any learning process.

You rarely compare yourself to others and feel comfortable in your skin.​

Pursuing goals and reaching them is the result of your determination and faith in your own skills.

You appreciate feedback, both negative and positive, yet do not seek validation.


Your relationships are based on balance and healthy communication.


You learned to let go of what does not serve you and welcome new opportunities, friends, and partnerships. 

My advice:

Keep it up! But be mindful of other people's sensitivity. Your confidence can sometimes be perceived as border-line arrogance...Which does not mean you are arrogant! But a healthy sense of self and displaying self-respect and self-love are attributes that are fairly rare and can be misunderstood. 

Choose kindness always!

You have a fair level of self-confidence

You checked mostly the second option:


Your self-confidence is fair. You may second guess or doubt your ability to succeed at times but through logic and reasoning, you are able to overcome self-doubt.

Social settings can be somewhat stressful, but once you get to know your surroundings and the people you interact with a bit better you naturally relax and allow yourself to open up.


 Mistakes cause you some mild anxiety but you always strive to correct them and get a great sense of accomplishment from knowing you did your best.

Constructive criticism is sometimes a bit hard to process but you have enough perspective to get past your ego and learn from it.

Setting up goals is fairly easy for you and you can reach them as long as you stick to proven methods.

Your friendships and relationships are generally healthy and fulfilling.

Romantic failure can be a source of sadness or depression for you but you have faith that things that were not right for you have to end to make room for better opportunities.

My advice

You are on the right path and have a solid foundation to fall back on whenever you experience self-doubt. Pay attention to your feelings and emotions through mindfulness, meditation, and journaling. Rely on positive experiences and outcomes and look for the patterns of behavior that work for you, but stay open to input, advice and direction from those who care for you.

You have a low level of self-confidence

You checked mostly the third option:


Your self-confidence is low. You are overly concerned with failure and the thought of making mistakes is practically unbearable for you as you dread criticism from your mentors, superiors, or loved ones. You often choose not to try new things by fear of failing and go to great lengths to conceal your mistakes.

Social settings trigger severe anxiety and you are very uncomfortable initiating a conversation or even making eye contact with a stranger. You anticipate that this person will see "through you" and reject you or even ridicule you for your shortcomings and self-perceived flaws.

You tend to second guess people's opinions of you and suspect that your friends, colleagues, or even relatives may be speaking negatively about you when you are not around.

Criticism is very hurtful to you and you have a hard time trusting anyone who pays you a compliment to be genuine.

You have many dreams but rarely pursue them, to avoid getting hurt should you fail or experience any setback or resistance.

Your friendships and relationships tend to be complicated. You feel like you are giving more than you are receiving. The thought of disappointing those you love is intolerable and you question romantic partners' motives and actions.

You fear being lied to, cheated on, and sometimes sabotage your relationships by displaying mistrust and neediness.

My advice

Be kind and gentle to yourself. You were most likely not encouraged to believe in yourself as a child and may even have suffered intense scrutiny, criticism, and possibly some verbal or emotional abuse from parents, family members or teachers who set very high and unattainable expectations for you.

Learn to take a step back whenever the voice of self-criticism tells you "you can't", "you won't", or "you shouldn't".

Rebuilding or building a strong sense of self and a healthy self-image is absolutely possible with a regular practice of mindfulness and the help of a few trusted friends who can help you get perspective.

You may want to consider coaching! This very action-oriented method would truly help you change your limiting beliefs and tap into your own resources, talents, and unique skills to become a more confident, secure version of yourself.

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